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Baking Terms

measurements Level
Precisely measure the ingredient into the measuring cup, discarding the entire ingredient that rises above the rim. The back edge of a straight knife works well to strike excess ingredient.
measurements Rounded
Do not flatten ingredients, allow it to pile up above the rim into a soft rounded shape.
measurements Heaping
Place as much on the top of the measure as it can possibly hold.
measurements Sifted
Use a strainer or sifter before measuring the ingredient to ensure it is not compacted.
measurements Prepared Pan
A pan that has been coated with grease (usually shortening) and/or flour (if recipe calls for “dusted” pan).
measurements Firmly Packed
Using a spatula, spoon or your hand, tightly press ingredients into the measuring cup. You should measure as much of the ingredient as you can fit into the measure.
measurements Lightly Packed
Lightly press ingredients into the measuring cup. Make sure there are no air pockets, but do not compress tightly.